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Global stocks mixed as investors await the Fed meeting - Monday Review, June 14

Global stocks mixed as investors await the Fed meeting - Monday Review, June 14

Multiple markets reached new record highs

The US

Wall Street closed the day in a mixed manner, as investors were waiting for the two-day Federal Reserve policy meeting due to start Tuesday. USA30 was down 0.25%, while USA500 added 0.18%. TECH100 was up 0.74%, closing at a record high of 14,174.14.

Crude oil rose 0.78% to hit $71.46 a barrel.

Gold was down 0.76% to $1,865.35 per troy ounce.

The Dollar Index traded 0.11% lower at 90.430.

Asia and Australia

Japan225 rose 0.74%, hitting a new 1-month high after the revised industrial production showed a 2.9% increase, marking a boost from the 2.5% growth initially forecasted.

Chinese and Australian markets were closed for the Dragon Boat Festival and the Queen’s Birthday.

USD/JPY was up 0.03% to 109.69.


The stock market closed mixedly, with expectations of accommodative monetary policy growing even though the global economic recovery picked up speed. Germany30 fell 0.13%. UK100 closed 0.18% higher, reaching its highest level since February 2020, as investors awaited an update on the country’s COVID-19 lockdown measures.

Brent oil traded 0.80% higher to trade at $73.27 a barrel.

EUR/USD was up 0.16% to 1.2125.


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